Tasty Gains!

Have you ever experienced something that was so good for you and your progress, and the flavor and taste were also just as earth shattering? I’m always seeing cool recipe ideas for our Bio Whey® and our Pur Native®, and they really allow me to get creative with my meal planning.

But then one day, heaven’s gates shone a light on me, a light so bright that it took me to a place of gains, strength, pumps (Oh, the pumps!) and recovery, and it tasted… well… HEAVENLY!

Early Tuesday morning… 7:16 AM


Phone goes off and makes that loud sound effect when I get a text message: Hey! My son made what MUST be the best tasting concoction ever! I tried it and now I take it all the time too- tastes crazy! Seriously amazing!


Me: What’s he making? I’ve been making these Keto tacos and they’re insane.

Friend: Dude, stick with me here! We take Crea Script® and combine it with 1 scoop of Vanilla Bio Whey®! It’s right out of the Sundae Shop, man! It’s an Orange Cream Power Shake lol. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. Sometimes we’ll even add ice cubes and blend in our Vitamixer, to give it a “shake-like” consistency.

Me: So, when do you take it?

Friend: We use to take Crea Script® during our workouts, and it’s insane. But we’ve recently been taking Pump Script® 45 minutes before our training, and my son takes a mixture of Pur Peptide® and Carb20® during our workout, and I just take Pur Peptide® during (fricking great recommendation on that stuff, by the way. Is it that PEPTOPRO® that absorbs so quickly?? I love it). Then afterwards we take the Bio Whey® vanilla with the Crea Script®. Even on non-lift days, to keep our muscles fed, we’ll take a “Power Shake” of vanilla Bio Whey® and Crea Script®, and we look forward to it, man lol.

Me: I need to share this, but first I need to try the combo. Thanks for sharing!

I had vanilla Pur Native® right in my kitchen, and the flavor for this is the same as Bio Whey®. I took the combo simply by adding together:

  • 1 scoop of Vanilla Pur Native® in the shaker
  • 1 scoop of Crea Script®
  • 12oz water
  • WHOA!!!!                                                                                                     

I also tried the blender option, adding ice cubes and combining 1 scoop Pur Native® vanilla and 1 scoop Crea Script®, and it really was “Heavenly”. As if I was cheating, but in reality was creating greater ATP stores and increasing muscle protein synthesis to help my recovery and muscle fullness.

There’s no going back now- the “Heavenly” Orange Cream Power Shake will blow your mind.






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