PÜR NATIVE™ native whey isolate

Serving Size
Flavor: Strawberry Silk

100% Premium Grass-Fed Native Whey Isolate & Hydrolyzed Native Whey Isolate.

PÜR NATIVE™ has ZERO of the following: Sugar, Lactose, Concentrates, By-products, Gluten, rBGH & rBST hormones, GMOs.

Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate Benefits include: Rich in Leucine Peptides, Intact Bio-active Growth Factors, and 90% Di and Tri Peptides (30 Minute Absorption).

TRY OUR SEVEN FABULOUS FLAVORS: Chocolate Dream, Strawberry Silk, Blueberry Crumb Cake, Lemon Squares, Blueberry Crumb Cake, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Mint and Vanilla Ice Cream! Each flavor comes in a 27-servings size container, with most flavors also available in a 64-serving container.